Video Intercom

Video intercom door entry systems

Our security system professionals are experienced in video door entry system installation for a range of industries. We can design, install and maintain video intercom systems for Home ,businesses, construction sites, schools, office-based businesses, gyms, nightclubs, hotels, pubs, shops, retail outlets, warehouses, farms, factories, car dealerships, abattoirs, and car parks

Depending on your requirements there is a significant range of video entry systems to choose from.We’ll take the time to understand your video door entry system and video intercom requirements and will make the right recommendations.

Video intercom and video entry systems – how do they work?

  • A video intercom door entry system is a two way device that transmits and receives video transmissions.
  • The system works by installing a unit on the outside of the building that is connected to a monitor at reception or on a smart device
  • When someone approaches the building, they ring the bell which alerts you to the presence of a visitor. You will be able to see exactly who is there, speak to them, and then grant them access to the building locally or via smart phones

Video intercom features and benefits

  • Your video intercom & video door entry system alerts you to visitors calling at your main entrance before granting them access to your building
  • An effective video door entry system enables the smooth, safe flow of staff and visitors to and from your premises
  • Data Capture – your video entry system can log each time it’s triggered and when someone is granted access to the building. This data can be invaluable for business with a high volume of footfall. The reports can be sent to a smart device for analysis. Data around staff timekeeping and attendance are just a couple of examples of a video intercom’s value to a business
  • Video door entry systems can help you prevent crime – criminals target businesses and scope them out before making their move. Your video intercom can be set up to record anyone at your front door. If anything doesn’t feel right, you can store the recording just in case.
  • Remote viewing – access your video intercom & video door entry systems from anywhere and provide access where necessary. This is perfect for out of hours deliveries and for when your premises are temporarily unguarded
  • Integration – video door entry systems can be integrated with your intruder alarms, CCTV, Door locks,automated gates and other access control systems


Video intercom maintenance

Kiax security offer video access control maintenance contracts ensuring your security systems provide you with years of trouble free operation. Like all technology, it needs to be regularly tested and maintained to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

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