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CCTV security and monitoring for construction sites

CCTV security and monitoring for construction sites

Kiax Security provides a range of innovative solutions to meet the security and site monitoring  of today’s modern construction site. The company aims to provide the highest level of service and support to clients wherever and whatever their application.
Before any camera or system is delivered to site, the area is surveyed by one of our own staff to ensure when deployed the camera will meet the needs of the client and the site.
Our monitoring centre is UK based and fully approved ensuring that in the event of an incident, a rapid response is provided from the initial audible warning, to client contact and review of recorded evidence.

CCTV leasing and CCTV rental for businesses

make the most sense for shorter-term facilities or groups that constantly need the best of the best.

If you’re renting a warehouse for six months, you probably don’t want to install a thousand pounds permanent surveillance system.Rental CCTV systems are an excellent choice for contractors or developers. Job-sites often house hundreds of thousands of pounds in tools, heavy equipment, and building materials.Having an effective surveillance system placed at each one greatly contributes to overall security.

Our dedicated cctv monitoring system can do more than manned guarding and saving you thousands of pounds per month.

We have solutions when there is NO access to internet or NO electricity on site .kiax security can help you to protect your site with latest electronic security systems.Our system is combination of Analytics,passive infrared sensors,laser beams,ip cameras ,audio system and backup battery depend on your requirments.

What we do to protect your construction site?

After a site survey and confirmations ,special equipment will be installed on the site we will then carry out an inspection and commission the system and assuring all triggered events are transmitting without any issue ,finally we link the site to a fully licensed SIA monitoring station.

How our Monitored cctv system works ?

  • When an alarm  triggered then an email with attached clip of incident , 10 seconds of AVI or mp4 clip will be sent to monitoring services company within seconds via existing broadband on site or our 4G router.
  • Monitoring station will start reviewing camera’s footage instantly and if an intruder is being verified on site :They (ARC)  will
    • issue an audio warning message
    • activate the outputs such as siren to deter the intruders
    • Contact the alarm response company immediately to attend on site in less than 20 minutes

No WiFi ? No Broadband ? No Power Outlets ? No Access on Site?

We have a Solution for you- Providing a 100% wire-free HD security camera that operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source, Portable and weatherproof,anywhere, indoors and outdoors. In your vacation home, construction site, campsite,Boats,farms, in the wild

Rapid deployment CCTV Tower

We can provide a fast and rapid deployment CCTV installation and monitoring service for a short to long term rental, keeping your site(s) protected for total peace of mind.

Our CCTV towers are easy to position on-site, meaning your security cameras will be up and running quickly and efficiently. Some of the many advantages to our rapid response CCTV towers are as follows:

  • Fully operational within 1 hour
  • Connected to a Remote Video Response Centre
  • Immediate video monitoring via 4G
  • High quality back up recording on internal DVR or on the Coud
  • Can be monitored by remote PC or Smart Phone
  • Specifically developed for construction site usage
  • Smart motion detection with analytical software in only the areas you need it
  • Battery back up up to 3 days
  • footage and recordes back up up to 60 days
  • solar power
  • 24k silent diesel generator
  • 110v power

The cameras on these towers have been specifically developed for use on construction sites, meaning that we can guarantee high-quality footage.


We provide timelapse cameras for building sites and projects ,developments, it allows you to monitor, showcase and market your construction projects to a wide audience.

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