Have you considered having a cctv or alarm Maintenance?

Installing CCTV cameras into your home or business’ premises is a fantastic way to ward off potential thieves and vandals
and keep your property safe and secure, But if you’re failing to keep on top of your CCTV system’s maintenance, your system is more likely to break down prematurely or outdoors cameras covered with spider’s web, leaving your property
vulnerable and you with a large replacement costs

Type of Maintenance :
  • PPM(planned preventative Maintenance)
    • Devices / systems health check Clean / focus/ adjust camera’s lenses
    • Diagnose hard drive,attached recording storages or servers
    • User demonstration and guide
    • Rectifying network/App /remote viewing issues
    • UPS / Back up battery Health check
    • Complete the engineer Checklist
    • Emergency call-out in 24hrs
  • CM (Corrective Maintenance)
    • Emergency maintenance of a system, or part thereof, carried out in response to the development of a fault.
    • Part replacement
    • Fix issues same day
  • RM(Remote Maintenance)
    • update Framewares of Devices
    • Remote upgrades
    • Remote user access
Maintenance Plans:
  1. Diamond Maintenance offers all PPM ,CM,RM maintenance in one package called PCR for giving a rest to new and existing customers , you will get all above services with no need to pay any unwanted bills for damaged or faulty devices.including two visits a year
  2. Gold Maintenance: offers only RM and PPM maintenance, which we will take care of your entire system but there is not free replacement if any parts get faulty or damaged.
  3. Silver Maintenance: offers only RM maintenance , we will take care of your system remotely ,our software detects video lost ,hard drive failure , power lost ,abnormal events ,etc..(not confused with remote monitoring)

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