IP Cameras Vs HD analog cctv

Analog Cameras

  • Analog cameras tend to be significantly cheaper, especially as your camera count increases
  • Analog cameras like TVI,CVI,AHD,SDI,CVBS are fairly easy to run, sending recordings to a digital video recorder (DVR), which then converts the analog to digital and stores it
  • Analog cameras has less detection features than IP cameras
  • Analog camera need to have an encoder or decoder
  • The frame rate of analog cameras is lower than that of IP cameras, so they’re not ideal for areas that have a lot of motion or that need to be seen in high detail. Images are not as sharpas IP cameras

IP Cameras

  • IP Cameras are expensiver than analogs
  • IP cameras have superior image quality compare to analogs. You can get IP cameras with different resolutions and aspect ratios customized to your needs
  • IP cameras are basically like small computers that compress and store video, plus they can be programmed to provide all sorts of analytics
  • IP cameras can detect human motion ,smoke, count people, track certain colors, sense when something disappears, line crossing and set off alarms
  • There’s no need for encoder or decoder devices for IP cameras
  • IP cameras are higher resolution(higher frame rate), so they generate larger files than analog. You’ll need to adjust your storage space accordingly